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The Boy & The Leaf - New Characters
Kwill - Kyr´s older brother

Kwill - Kyr´s older brother

The Boy & The Leaf - New Characters


I spent more time developing new characters for The Boy & The Leaf during the past year.
Although none of these designs are set in stone, I am satisfied with how they currently look.

The majority of the drawings were first created on paper, and some of them are now being defined.
I'm also writing the characters' backstories simultaneously, but it might take a while.
To maintain the big picture and bring everything together, it is planned to complete the designs one at a time.

"Kwill", the older brother of Kyr, is one of the story's most significant characters and has an important part to play (.. what I have imagined so far in my head.. :D)
I'm hoping that this presentation will help you visualize the world a bit more clearly, and I'll keep you informed.

Currently I'm gathering and digitizing some fresh environmental drawings that I hope to publish shortly!



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